The power to inspire independent reading

Designed for grades 4-12+, ReMo is a web-based application that provides readers with unparalleled insight and access to the books available to them. By streamlining the cumbersome and obsolete data management associated with literacy education, ReMo helps students engage with books they’ll love and allows educators to focus on instilling a lifelong love of reading.

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ReMo for Educators

Teachers and other educators can easily manage and track each student’s reading progress to ensure they’re receiving individualized instruction and developing at a proper pace.

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ReMo for Schools

Deployed at a school-wide level, ReMo becomes a powerful literacy platform that supplies real-time performance data and insights that standardized tests are unable to provide.

Simplifying every step of literacy education

By storing and sharing valuable information on the books you own and use in your classroom, ReMo brings educators and students together in the reading process.

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Gather and access in-depth information about your print and digital media, and organize it into various, searchable classroom libraries.

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Create and support communities of readers for various purposes ranging from instruction, intervention, enrichment or professional development.

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Move books in real time on a digital bookshelf and view dynamic reading profiles to see a snapshot of your students’ reading habits.

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Educator Tools

Customize instruction with features such as reading rates, flexible grouping, lesson plans and dynamic reports. 

Educators can use ReMo for free

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