About ReMo

Building Readers and Supporting Teachers

Reading is inspirational, joyful and truly life-changing — for both students and educators. For students, reading opens new ideas, reveals new knowledge and builds a sense of empathy and creativity. For teachers, reading provides an opportunity to connect with their students — and themselves — and build a community around reading and discovery. 

At ReMo, we’re educators too. Which is why we believe in the power of reading. We also know it’s not without its challenges. Over the years, in teaching multiple grades and literacy levels, we have seen two troubling issues emerge: 

  1. Literacy rates are declining. Based on results from the 2019 National Assessment, 68% of the 8th-graders in the US scored below their grade level in reading, and reading scores have declined in 31 states.
  2. Teachers are stretched thin. 1 out of 5 teachers are expected to leave the classroom in the next two years, creating a massive teacher shortage.

ReMo provides a solution to overworked educators who desperately want to help their students, but often lack the resources or tools to do so. Our web-based application contains numerous features that manage and automate the workflow around independent reading. With a free version available to individual educators and premium plans available for both educators and schools, ReMo helps educators and students feel uplifted by the power of reading, instead of being overwhelmed by the process of it.

Our Team at LiteracyTech

Our team founded LiteracyTech in December 2019. With backgrounds in education and technical development, we created ReMo from our insights into educators’ challenges and used technology and innovation to overcome them.

Michelle DeBlois | Founder & CEO

Michelle has over 14 years of experience teaching Language Arts, Mathematics and Science in public schools. She holds a M.S. in Education, a B.A. in Environmental Science, an A.S. in Architectural Engineering and is pursuing her National Board Certification in English Language Arts for ages 11-15. In addition, she is part of the Maine Student Book Award Committee, State of Maine Literacy Team, and the MDOE Learn with MOOSE! Project. Currently, she is a Literacy teacher at Lewiston Middle School in Maine.

Kaite Lariviere

Kathryn Lariviere | Founder & CFO 

Kathryn has been a passionate educator, professional team leader and mentor to new teachers for 20 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Maine at Farmington and has been a visiting team evaluator for the New England League of Middle Schools (NELMS). She is currently working at Auburn Middle School, in Maine, teaching special education classes for Language Arts and Mathematics. 

Peter Janett | Founder & CTO

A pioneer in the early days of e-commerce, Peter started a website in 1996 that sold concert t-shirts. From this early venture, he quickly earned a reputation for his talents in customizing online shopping carts and integrating e-commerce platforms with credit card processing services. In 1997, he founded New Media One Web Services, recently named in the top 10 of the Mercury 100 fastest-growing private companies in Colorado, to provide business class web hosting, as well as website and mobile app development. Peter brings over 22 years of digital development experience and entrepreneurial know-how to LiteracyTech.

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