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Bring educators together on a powerful, intuitive literacy platform

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Managing literacy education at a school-wide level is a massive logistical task. With multiple educators, classes, students and grade-levels, collaboration and communication can become quite challenging.

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ReMo makes it possible for schools, educators and readers to be on the same proverbial — and literal — page. Educators can collaborate with each other to guide readers’ literacy progress through various classes and grade-levels. It even supplements other programs you may be using, like ReadyGen.

Instead of only receiving literacy metrics from infrequent  standardized testing, schools can now gain real-time insights into their students’ literacy performance — with the ability to compare it across students, classes, grade-levels and the entire school.

With ReMo, schools finally have the data and capability to empower their educators to collaborate and inspire their students to read.

The literacy education platform built by literacy educators

ReMo was designed by educators who understand the need for school-wide collaboration and data insights. They built ReMo with intuitive and powerful features to solve the unique challenges schools face in managing literacy education. 

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Locate and share books more easily with a searchable database. Discover and access underutilized resources your school already has by knowing where they are and who has them.

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Of the countless digital and analog ways to organize independent reading and instructional groups for intervention, none offer the functionality of ReMo. With the ability to group students based on academic performance and student growth, ReMo allows educators to see where their students are at so teachers can apply the correct scaffolding and differentiation for individual students.

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Receive critical independent reading data in between the few standardized tests your students take each year. Gain real-time insights into students’ independent reading, and track their performance for a more accurate view of individual, class and school performance.

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Educator Tools

Support your educators and give them the tools to help them and their students thrive with independent reading. ReMo provides the means to differentiate instruction and meet the needs of each student through individualized conferences to increase reading achievement.

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Plans are based on the number of students and educators and allow for school-wide collaboration and analytics. We also offer a Pilot Program that enables up to five users to test the full range of our School subscription plan’s features and see how they work for your school.